Since our founding we have provided three main tours.  The Taster‘, an introductory 5-day (4-night) tour, the Classic, an 8-day (7-night) tour that provides a little more free time, and an extended ‘Connoisseur‘ stay of 11 days (10-nights).  Unsurprisingly, a large number of guests on the Taster tours return for either a Classic or a Connoisseur tour – or both. Montenegro never runs out of  new experiences and the longer stays enable you to revisit a few favourites and add some new excursion destinations to your portfolio. 

While we have a wide variety of excursions for you to choose from, tours of Montenegro are not designed to be hurried affairs, you’re here to relax and unwind, recharge your soul. So, if you want to sit by the pool all day, then you go right ahead.


Nestled in the mountains east of Dubrovnik, the Balkan nation of Montenegro, was one of the few countries to remain largely independent during the Ottoman period. It is bordered to the east, further along the Adriatic coast, by Albania, with Bosnia i Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo lying further inland. This small country has played a key role in European history, laying as it does at the crossroads of cultures and empires that have dominated our history for thousands of years. You can come with us and visit the vineyards and the olive groves that have been here since Roman times. You can walk among the ruins of imperial glory, including Venetian palaces, Napoleonic villas, ancient Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian fortresses. Montenegro has it all.

There are places here where none of your friends, family or work colleagues have ever been.

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